Think’st thou existence doth depend on time?
It doth; but actions are our epochs: mine
Have made my days and nights imperishable
Endless, and all alike, as sands on the shore
Innumerable atoms; and one desert
Barren and cold, on which the wild waves break,
But nothing rests, save carcases and wrecks,
Rocks, and the salt–surf weeds of bitterness.
Lord Byron (via itsquoted)
It’s always been us versus the darkness, as if we are jack-o-lanterns filled with some kind of pure light gifted to us by a benevolent god who has cast us down here like pogs waiting to be flipped. He ain’t ready to drop the slammer, so they tell me. Most everyone buys into that shit. So we wait by our fires and sing our hymns and out there, everywhere else, the dark teems with life waiting for our kind to shut the fuck up and unplug the night light. They say the end is coming. That we need to repent. I say the end has always been there, waiting at our door, and that I plan to go out and meet it. I’m done being afraid of the dark.

-rennok90 AKA Konner K. 

First draft, first paragraph of the story I just began freewriting. You in?

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